Bull Sale

Friday, March 29, 2019 • 1 PM
Verdigre Stockyards
Verdigre, Nebraska

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Why Buy DNA tested Bulls?

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Doerr Angus Ranch … registered Black Angus cattle developed with progressive genetics and old school practicality.

Our Program Combines:

  • Calving Ease
  • Superior Growth
  • Fertility
  • Docility
  • High Carcass Quality
  • Moderate Frame Size
  • Outcross Genetics
  • Functionality

Profitability for Our Customers

Our family has been in the cattle business for nearly 100 years and we have seen the business as a whole and Black Angus cattle in particular go through a lot of changes along the way.

With the advent of low cost A.I. in the early 1970's we took the opportunity to try a lot of breeds from Pinzgauers to Simmentals to Charolais to about any other breed imaginable.

Cost was cheap and labor was free so anything was fair game. As a result we had a "rainbow" herd--they were not uniform to look at but they certainly were colorful.

Eventually A.I. stopped being inexpensive and free labor didn't seem like such a good idea when you saw other people actually getting paid money for working all day. As a result we decided to pick our favorite breed and try to come up with the best herd that we possibly could.

Since dead calves bring no money at selling time and carrying 120 pound calves through the snow at calving time was anything but fun, we decided to go with the breed known for easy calving (and oftentimes a non-friendly disposition!).

We figured we would cull the knot heads through slaughter and after a few years we would have a tame herd that would calve easy and would raise good calves that grew fast. A lot of years have passed since then.

We now use EPDs, DNA, embryo transplants and whatever else technology can offer--but our basic goal is still the same--tame cows having live calves that grow fast and make money.

We would like you to try Doerr Angus Ranch registered Black Angus cattle and see what they can do for you.

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